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The ExRA platform provides a world-class experience for efficient remote assistance for any field operation. Developed as a cost-effective tool to provide remote, specialized know-how for field workers - therefore enhancing the productivity for both ends

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Features & Benefits

  • Remote connection software for PC & Smartphone

  • Long Battery life (2.5 hours of use)

  • High-resolution camera

  • Comprehensive user interface

  • Integrated Wi-fi

  • 64GB of internal memory (expandable up to 256GB via MicroSD)

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The ExRA solution provides a user-friendly on-the-go remote assistance experience, mitigating the physical distance by applying cutting-edge technology. Operations are performed in an interactive, safe and natural way, with a wide range of functions such as:

  • Audio & Video communication

  • Share images, text and screenshots

  • Provide auditable evidence

  • Indicate details in the user’s point of view

  • Make notes or draw on screenshots

  • Manage your media library while on call

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This new method increases the accuracy of engineers to 96% while working 30% faster

Wipro CTO, K.R. Sanjiv.

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Todos os vídeos
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ExRA Teaser

ExRA Teaser

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ExRA - Remote Assistance - By Beenoculus

ExRA - Remote Assistance - By Beenoculus

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ExRA - Telemedicine

ExRA - Telemedicine

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Tel: (41) 3013-1889

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